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Permanent Make Up

Cosmetic Tattooing | Pigment Implantation | Micropigmentation | Microblading

This service is offered at our Sunset Beach Clinic only.
This method enhances and gives definition to eyebrows, lips and eyes.

This is a process whereby pigments are placed under the skin by means of superficial scratching. Pigments used are organic and hypoallergenic. They are safe to use on skins with allergies to make-up. Needles, needle caps and mixing pots are sterile and disposable.Anaesthetic creams and gels are used prior to and during treatment. Shape, colour and intensity are discussed prior to treatment.

Areola and Nipple Tattoo
We offer reconstructive areola and nipple pigmentation.
After a mastectomy, often as a result of a long battle with cancer, a new nipple is tattooed to match the other, or in some cases, both nipples are tattooed. This is a non- invasive and easy healing process and provides a very satisfying result.

Scarring and Hypo-Pigmentation Tattoo
We offer medical pigmentation correction for skin abnormalities such as Vitiligo and Hypopigmentation, scars from accidents, burns and surgical scars.

: Cosmetic  Scarring: white scars around breast lift or facial surgery scars around ears as well as other surgery, eg post op thyroid scars
: Scarring from accidents or any area where skin has lost pigmentation eg vitiligo

A pigment is mixed to match the surrounding skin colour and bring it as close as possible to natural colour to diminish the visibility of the scar.


Cathi Wood

Cathi Wood

Cathi Wood

Cosmetic Tattooist

Experienced since 1988  as a full time cosmetic tattooist. Rated by Fairlady magazine as Cape Towns top Permanent Make up artist as well as appearing on TVs Fashion Fusion amongst others.

Cathi has worked closely with well know plastic surgeons as she is very experienced in work on scarring (including post operative),hypo- and hyperpigmentation and creating areola after mastectomies or breast surgery.

Cathi was trained by Vivienne Hopkins (UK) whom she did her apprenticeship with as well as by the one and only tattoo artist at the time in cape town, Mr Jim Adams.

Her 26 years of experience in the industry have taught her more and with time she has developed her own style of a more “natural” enhancement of the face by bringing back colour and definition to the features that get lost through the ageing process, rather than being a make-up replacement.  e.g.

  •  rather bringing colour and fullness back to LIPS that have thinned with age, using natural lip tones;
  • with the EYES creating a lift and openness to eyes, and creating a “thicker lash” look; or simply alleviating smudging, running of make-up around eyes and creating a permanent neat definition.
  •  BROWS, with time, and sometimes over plucking, there is a natural thinning of the eye brows. The procedure is done creating natural, feathered strokes, using pigments to match clients colouring, good shaping that will balance uneven brows and create lift which opens the eyes.

Some therapists do a semi-permanent make-up (which they also call permanent), which needs to be redone every year otherwise it disappears. The difference between semi and permanent is the type of inks and machines used are different.  The inks don’t have the same holding power; permanent inks lighten slowly with time, making touch ups less frequent.