Permanent Makeup FAQ

Is this method painful?

A scratching sensation is felt. This varies from mildly irritating to fairly sensitive according to one’s pain threshold. This process is very superficial. An anaesthetic cream is used prior to; and an aesthetic gel during treatment. Sensitive clients can very easily manage this by taking two painkillers 30min before the appointment.

Why is the colour dark initially?

As the skin heals a fine scab forms, which takes between 3-7 days to go, taking with it a lot of colour. Therefore, a darker colour is applied to reach the desired result.

The scabs have come off and it looks like there is no colour. Didn’t it work?

It is normal to see little or no colour directly after the scabs come off. This is due to skin still being raw, therefore it does not show colour. The colour will slowly start to show a few days later, and will gradually gain colour for up to three weeks.

How many sessions will I need?

All skins heal differently – some have slight fading, others may fade a lot – requiring a touch up to add more colour. The final result and true colour can take about TWO weeks. An additional touch up may be needed after your first appointment. There is a reduced charge for a touch up if done within 3 months of your first appointment. Thereafter it is a complete redo at full price.

How long does it last?

It is permanent, but like any tattoo, it does have some fading – some more and faster than others. This depends on skin type; pigments used; and exposure to the sun. Some people never need touching up, and others may need it as soon as a year or two following the initial procedure.

Is the procedure safe?

Strict hygiene levels are followed. All equipment used is individual, sterile and disposable.  Pigments are hypo-allergenic and of the finest quality. Our clinic is recognised by S.A.A.H.S.P (The South African Association of Health and Skin Care Professionals) This approval is of the highest standard; we follow all regulations and thorough and regular inspections of our clinic are carried out.

Which Technician Should I Choose?

This is very important when considering this procedure. Training, experience, compliance with regulations and hygiene levels are essential. A skilled technician will have knowledge of the required shape and proper placement of the procedure, all this is as important as the right colour.

It is also very important to view the before and after photograph portfolio of their OWN work.

How long does the procedure take?

It usually takes one hour per area. One and a half to two hours for more than one area.

What if my skin is allergic?

Pigments used are of the highest quality; they are non-allergenic, non-toxic, stable, lightfast and are approved by the FDA.

What if my skin is very sensitive?

Sensitive skins may experience redness and swelling – lips usually for only a few hours after; top eyelids may still have swelling the following day. An ice pack (ice in a plastic bag) can be applied to reduce swelling. An anti-inflammatory may also be taken. A sensation like a sunburn may also be felt for a few hours after!

How will we decide on colour?

Usually, pigments are mixed according to one’s skin and hair colour, although any specific colour can be matched – bring along relevant make-up.

What will it look like when I am old and grey?

Because of gradual fading, the tattoos blend nicely as they soften with time; as do ones natural eyelashes, eyebrows and lip colour.

I am worried about looking unnatural.

We can work conservatively for these clients, offering very, natural-looking results. With brows, for example, soft feathered strokes can be applied.

What if I don’t like colour or shape?

Yes, we have clients who have had bad permanent make-up done from other locations. We are able to correct the previous mistakes by camouflaging the area to your skin colour and fixing the shape. We correct colour and enhance colour also.

A misconception of permanent make-up is, although being permanent; it can be removed or changed if necessary. Our technician will discuss the charges to remove mistakes and a re-do with you.

Can I use something else besides Vaseline?

Vaseline is used for a number of reasons:

  • it keeps the scabs moist, resulting in slow, even healing; in turn resulting in even colouring and preventing too much colour loss.
  • it acts as a protective barrier against dust; germs; and water.
  • it contains no perfumes or additives that might irritate the area.
  • it acts as a waterproof barrier when showering, swimming, eating and drinking.

What is ‘semi-permanent’ make up?

This is more temporary, needing yearly touch-ups and has a year to three year life span. The procedure and inks are slightly different.