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Permanent Lips

Different applications can create different looks:

  • LiplinerGiving definition to pale lips
  • Adding fullness to thin lips
  • To help correct uneven lips
  • Full Lip Colour gives colour to pale lips or for lipstick that lasts all day
  • Replacing lipliner pencil, mixing to a colour of your choice.
  • Giving the lips a ‘youthful’  or ‘anti-aging’ look ie lifting the dropping sides of lips, giving fullness and bringing back lost colour/ definition

Pigments will be mixed according to individual requirements, from soft lip tones to darker more defined colours. A specific lip pencil can be matched.

Shapes are drawn on before commencing.

For full lips or liner, a recommended anaesthetic cream should be applied 40 mins before appointment time to make the process more comfortable.
NB: If you have a history of cold sores, use Zovirox/ Activar 4 times daily, One week prior and one week after, as a preventative treatment.